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Preparing for Your Visit

We love meeting new people and new patients are always welcome to Our Doctor’s practice. Please print off and bring the following documents with you to your first visit (we can also provide these at the office when you arrive if you are not able to print them ahead of time).

Before Your Visit

Below are a few items to keep in mind before your first visit:

  • If you require pre-medication with antibiotics for heart surgery, joint replacement, or other conditions, please contact your physician for a refill prescription prior to your dental appointment.
  • If available, please bring your dental insurance card with you so that we may make a copy
  • If you have current x-rays from your previous dentist, please bring them with you or have them sent to us prior to your appointment.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • We will verify your insurance coverage prior to your visit however, keep in mind that if you have used any benefits elsewhere, it will affect your remaining benefits to be used.
  • Some insurance companies use an alternate ID # instead of your SS# to file your insurance. We will need that unique ID # in order to submit your dental insurance claim for payment
  • Dr. VanNatter is “in-network” with several insurance companies, however, we advise you to contact your dental insurance company to determine if we are “in-network” for your particular plan. Please be aware that even if we are “Out of Network”, your insurance benefits may not be much different. We encourage you to contact us first before deciding to choose another dentist.
  • We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.