Saliva Testing

A Healthy Mouth is Linked to a Healthy Body

At Main Street Family Dentistry, we strive to provide the best dental care for our patients. We are committed to our patients and want to educate them so that they can make the best decisions for their care. We know that dental health plays an important part in one’s overall health and we want to help our patients stay healthy.

The mouth is the gatekeeper of health and the entryway of bacteria into your body. The mouth naturally contains beneficial bacteria to help maintain the health of your teeth, gums, and even your immune system. In today’s society though, the use of antibiotics and chemical products often alter the kinds of bacteria that are normally found in the mouth and people may have higher levels of harmful bacteria. These harmful bacteria have been linked to dental problems as well as many medical conditions, including heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer.

Dr. VanNatter and her team now have a better way to check the health of the mouth and offer personalized treatment plans to target each person’s individual bacteria. Our office uses saliva testing to analyze the bad bacterial types and levels that contribute to poor dental and medical health. In addition, we can also test the saliva for some viruses, yeast, and genetic factors. All of which make it easier to treat our patients in the best way possible for their individual needs.

Call our office to schedule a comprehensive dental exam with saliva testing to ensure that you are receiving the best individualized treatment for your mouth and body.

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